Satelligence is a Dutch company that uses satellite radar and machine learning to gain insights in global environmental processes and changes, globally. They analyse this data and produce an incredible wealth of valuable information.

The identity that we developed was inspired by the idea of revealing patterns and distilling order from chaos.

Varying logo
The logo is one that can vary almost endlessly, with every design item. Whilst at the same time always retaining its recognizability and coherence.
Logo iterations
The logo is build on an invisible pattern of white dots that is revealed by the coloured spheres
that appear behind them.
Internal structure
We know satellite data. And how to transform it. Into information. Into knowledge. Into answers. We add value.
We understand the risks and impacts affecting people, the environment and businesses.
We know Forest and Land Use Change. Biomass. Agricultural crop performance. Floods and Drought.
We help make a positive, sustainable impact on biodiversity, water, agriculture, climate, and people. By capturing historical to near real-time changes, patterns and trends. Timely, accurately, always up to date.
- Satelligence

animated logo

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